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  • BIMe Initiative
    The BIMe Initiative is not-for-profit effort based on the BIM Excellence approach. The BIMe Initiative aims to improve the performance of individuals, organisations and project teams in the construction industry through (a) developing a modular language for information exchange; (b) Generating reliable industry-wide competency benchmarks; (c) promoting competency-based learning; and (e) developing intuitive tools and templates for all to freely use.
  • BIM Dictionary
    The BIM Dictionary, an online resource for all to freely use. The dictionary hosts terms specific to digital transformation in the construction industry. It hosts hundreds of terms with their descriptions, synonyms and abbreviations.
  • BIM ThinkSpace
    BIM ThinkSpace is one of the longest running blogs (first post was in Oct 2005) covering Building Information Modelling from an 'informed practitioners' perspective. It posts infrequently yet shares thought-provoking topics and valuable contributions from international guest authors.
  • BIM Framework
    A blog for researchers interested in adapting the BIM Framework (Succar, 2009). Each post focuses on one conceptual part and is linked to peer-reviewed papers.
  • BIM Excellence
    BIM Excellence (BIMe) is a research-based method to improve the BIM competency of individuals, organizations and project teams. BIMe uses specialised online tools to compare current abilities against project/client requirements and industry benchmarks.
  • ChangeAgents AEC
    ChangeAgents AEC is a BIM performance assessment and improvement consultancy operating since 2004 out of Melbourne, Australia.


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I'm a specialised BIM performance assessor, avid researcher, and visual communicator at I'm also a conjoint senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle.


Between 1994-2004, I've worked as a designer, team leader and site manager on major projects in Australia and the Middle East before focusing my attention on BIM, process design and performance improvement. In 2004, I've established ChangeAgents AEC, an independent research-based consultancy to assist organizations in adopting BIM tools and workflows.

In 2009, Change Agents launched BIM Excellence (BIMe), an innovative research-based solution for BIM performance assessment and improvement. BIMe includes both online tools and onsite services dedicated to measuring and improving the BIM competency of (a) individuals, (b) organizations, (c) projects and (d) teams. In late 2014, BIMe will be re-launched as an open, not-for-profit, international initiative to improve the BIM performance of construction industry practitioners/organizations through integrated assessment, certification and learning modules.

Academically, I’ve studied business administration, interior design and fine arts. I also undertook postgraduate studies in organizational behaviour and human resource management. In 2013, and after nearly 9 years of hard labour, I completed my PhD at the University of Newcastle focusing on BIM knowledge structures and performance improvement tools.

I've participated in many industry-wide initiatives including the CRC-CI BIM National Guidelines and Case Studies project (2007-09) and chaired the AIA/Consult Australia’s BIM Education Working Group (2011-12). I've also conducted many corporate and public workshops in Australia, US, UK, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Brazil.

Below is a selective list of may latest presentations, workshops and publications:

Presentations and workshops (partial):

  • Understanding BIM Capability, Maturity, Competency, and Macro Diffusion. Workshops organised in Hong Kong by the MES Group and Global BIM CoE, China, Apr 16, 2018.
  • Macro BIM Adoption: Charting the Path towards Digital Transformation. Keynote Address, BIM Seminar 2018, organised by Câmara Brasileira da Indústria da Construção (CBIC), Brasilia, Mar 15, 2018. (+ other presentations in Fortaleza and Campinas).
  • BIM Adoption Policies, Insights from Across the World. Keynote Address at l'École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS), Quebec, Canada, Feb 2, 2018.
  • BIM adoption policies: insights from around the world, CitA BIM Gathering 2017, Nov 23, 2017 - Dublin, Ireland.
  • Macro-BIM adoption: Diffusion of Innovation within Markets and across Countries, BIM Expo, September 6, 207 - Hannover, Germany.
  • Building Information Modelling: Organisational Implementation & Macro Adoption Download Presentation (4528KB), presentation delivered at OICE BIM Forum - Milan, April 20, 2016.
  • BIM Performance Assessment (Slides Set 1) and BIM Policy Development: Different Countries, Common Approaches (with Dr. Mohamad Kassem) (Slides Set 2) presentations at the European BIM Summit 2016 - Barcelona, Feb 18, 2016.
  • BIM Performance Assessment, presentation at the Canadian University Dubai, organised by the Emirates BIM User Group - Dubai, Feb 15, 2016 – Slides Download Slides (PDF 6.8MB)
  • Integrated Performance Assessment: from BIM wash to BIM Excellence. BIM User Exchange Group (Singapore) - online presentation on May 28, 2015 – Slides available here.
  • The Road to BIM Excellence, presentation at BIM Show Live 2015, in collaboration with Imperial College London (Estates Projects) and BIM.Technologies, Manchester, UK, April 9, 2015.
  • Strategic BIM Adoption within organizations and across markets, Keynote presentation at the International BIM Day, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sep 22, 2014.Presentation slides.
  • Aligning project requirements with team capabilities, presentation at the RTC Australasia 2014 - Melbourne, May 29, 2014. Presentation slides with notes.
  • The link between the BIM Framework and BIM Excellence, academic workshop and industry presentations in Singapore, April 28-30, 2014.
  • The BIM Framework, the knowledge structures underlying the BIM domain - an academic perspective, Universidade de São Paulo (USP) - Brazil, October 25, 2013.
  • As competências necessárias para o profissional que atua no processo BIM - "The BIM competencies of industry practitioners", presentation at the 4th International BIM Seminar, organized by SindusCon-SP, São Paulo - Brazil, October 24, 2013...Download Slides.
  • BIM Excellence presentation and full-day Workshop - part of Informa BIM Summit 2013 - Sydney, August 26 and 28, 2013.
  • BIM In Practice - an overview of challenges and current industry initiatives, Jazcorp SEEDS conference - Perth, July 12, 2013.
  • Invited speaker (BIM Performance Measurement and Improvement) and workshop facilitator (BIM Maturity in Malaysia). Part of the “Sustainable Building Construction through BIM” seminar and workshop hosted by the University of Malaya (UM) and the Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM), Kuala Lumpur, April 23, 2013.
  • Introducing BIM into Tertiary Curricula, presentation at the University of Newcastle, Callaghan NSW, October 2012.
  • BIM Education Strategy: presentation at the annual meeting of Heads of School of Architecture Association for Australia (AASA) at Griffith University, Gold Coast, September 2012.
  • BIM Excellence: a Unique Approach to Performance Assessment and Certification, RTC - Australasia (website), May 2012.
  • BIM Education Woking Group, presentation to the AIA National Education Committee, Canberra ACT, March 2012
  • BIM Industrial Transformation in Australia: online presentation at the 8th IBS Roundtable: Mechanisation through Building Information Modelling (BIM), November 2011 - Malaysia.
  • BIM competency: from implementation to assessment, presentation at the buildingSMART National Industry Conference, University of New South Wales, September 11, 2009.
  • Organizational BIM: How to assess and improve your organization’s BIM performance and Understanding BIM Wash, a Primer for Clients and Service Providers, RTC Australasia (website), May 2011.
  • Building Information Modeling: From Implementation to Performance Management, BIMARC2010 seminar at Berjaya Times Square (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), July 23rd, 2010 (brochure link - PDF).
  • BIM Awareness and Competency, a Construct-IT for Business workshop, conducted in collaboration with Dr. Jason Underwood at the ThinkLAB, University of Salford (Salford, United Kingdom), May 11th, 2010 (review link - PDF).
  • BIM Competency: from Implementation to Assessment, a presentation at buildingSMART National Conference, University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia), September 11th, 2009 (website).
  • ...Other: BIM Excellence presentations in Hong Kong (2010), BIM-CMM workshop at NIBS in Washington DC (2010), BIM: Change or Perish at RAIA, Victoria (2007).

Academic Publications:
Refer to academic papers' list on the BIM Framework blog.

Other Publications - sample:

BIM Performance Measurement and Improvement - presentation (download slides)

BIM in Practice - BIM Education (co-authored with 11 colleagues, part of the AIA/Consult Australia BIM Education Working Group effort), August 2012 (download PDF (540 KB), visit website)

Roof and Façade Magazine – Asian Edition (English Language), multiple articles in May, June and September 2010 (link to R&F website)

Building Information Modelling: A Call For Action, in Bloomfield Tremayne’s Quarterly Newsletter, Winter 2009

The BIM Episodes - Bilal is the editor and main author of, a blog dedicated to informed BIM practitioners and topic researchers. BIM ThinkSpace started in October 2005 and has a large number of subscribers.